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Why we picked the Aures Luxury Round RT33, Ariston Instant Water Heater

Why we picked the Aures Luxury Round RT33, Ariston Instant Water Heater

Another new home essential has got to be the instant water heaters for our toilets! After doing quite abit of research, we finally settled for the Aures Luxury Round RT33, Ariston’s instant water heater!

Here’s some of the reasons why we picked this instant water heater amongst so many others in the market!

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Storage Water heater or Instant Water heater?

The first question we asked ourselves has got to be:

Should we get a storage water heater or instant water heater?

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Ultimately, it depends on your overall preference.

Do you need a rainshower head? If yes, then you can only get a storage water heater. For us, we are pretty ok with a normal shower head so, we decided to forgo the rainshower idea hehe!

Another reason why we got the instant water heater would also be because we are impatient people and we don’t like the waiting time for the storage water heater to heat up. Well, based on past experience, we decided an instant water heater will best suit our needs as it heats up quickly within a few seconds!


When we were researching for new instant water heaters for our home, our top most priority has got to be the functionality of the instant water heaters. We simply hate bathing in cold water! So, a water heater which keeps to a constant temperature is essential to us!

Our major pet peeve when bathing will be the water temperature suddenly turning super cold or super hot. WE HATE THAT! Imagine you have already shampoo-ed your hair and then the water suddenly turns super cold, and you can’t rinse off because it’s toooo cold. #truestory

ariston heater

After trying out our Ariston instant water heaters for 2 months now, it’s been awesome so far especially the part on maintaining a constant temperature while bathing! This is especially important when we take a bath at night!

One thing to note when using it would be that once you off the shower, the next temperature might shoot up to a higher temperature before adjusting quickly to your ideal temperature that you set. So those with little kids, do take note and don’t point the shower head at them when you turn it on the second round.

Other than that, everything else is very user friendly and we love it!

There’s 3 Shower Profiles!

Another awesome feature which we super love has got to be that the Aures Luxury Round RT33 can memorise up to 3 shower profiles! It’s perfect for our little clan of 3!

We have stored all 3 of our shower profiles in both of our instant water heaters.

  1. Number 1 would be for our little Doori who likes his bath lukewarm at 30 degrees.

2. Number 2 has got to be for Ben who like his bath slightly hotter at 40 degrees.

3. Number 3 would be for me, the sweet point is at 39 degrees!

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See! Now everyone is happy and whenever we bathe, the water can instantly be set at the temperatures that we all love!

It’s perfect for the whole family! No need to let the water run and take a long time to adjust the temperature!

Aesthetics & Features

When we saw the outlook of the Aures Luxury Round RT33, we fell in love with the round and sleek shape of this Italian designed instant water heater.

ariston heater

Oh yes, this instant water heater also boosts a soft touch interface, so you can easily access the different shower profiles just by touching the panel on the water heater. YAY!

Warranty & Water Efficiency

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There’s 5 years warranty for the heating elements and water efficiency is 2 out of 3 ticks which is good enough for us! 😀


The Aures Luxury Round RT33 instant water heater is currently retailing at $329 (without installation). You might like to check with some of the retailers as they might run different promotions every now and then 😉

Hope the above review helps you in making your decision on which water heater to get for your home! 😀

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Love, Chloe

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