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Our Home Essential: Steigen Automated Laundry System

Our Home Essential: Steigen Automated Laundry System

Our new home is almost complete! If you have been following our new home’s renovation and decor journey, you probably would have already seen this rose gold Steigen automated laundry system which I am really excited to share about! Today, I will be sharing more on our experience and why we picked our rose gold Steigen Solar Automated Laundry System.

steigen singapore

Did you know that Steigen Singapore’s automated laundry system is made using German quality & Technology for durability and efficient drying capabilities?

Now, let’s take a look at several of our considerations before we decided to get this Steigen laundry system for our home:

Style & Design

First and foremost, our home’s decor colour palette consists of mostly white, pastel colours and rose gold elements. Needless to say, I was 100% sold when I saw that Steigen Singapore had this beautiful shade of rose gold! I’ve all along wanted the laundry area to look pretty! Pretty laundry area = More motivation to do the laundry haha!


Nevertheless, functionality is definitely our key concern when we are looking for our home appliances! This Steigen laundry system comes with hot air & cool air drying functions as well as the built in ceiling light WOW! But, most importantly, with a tap of the button, the whole laundry system is lowered automatically! LOVE IT!

steigen singapore

As you can see, the above is the plain manual HDB laundry rack that was given with our BTO flat. One thing I hate about manual laundry racks would be that I need to take quite a while to unhook and lower it. For my height, I usually face problems when lowering it. Back at my old home, sometimes I even get hit on the head when I lose my grip while lowering the rack LOL!

steigen singapore

And yes, another huge plus point for this Steigen laundry system would be the drying function! As you can see in the picture above, our BTO laundry area is pretty small and I’m really reluctant to stack a dryer on top of our washing machine >.<. It’s so ugly aesthetically. We compared with other laundry system brands and the Steigen laundry system is a perfect match for us! Plus, it has the drying function woohoo!! It’s so compact and based on what we have tried so far, 3 hours is all we need to dry our clothes (that’s if we don’t overload the laundry system haha!) i’m so satisfied with the drying function so far!

steigen singapore

Also, the maximum load for the Steigen laundry system is 45kg (equivalent to 2 full loads of a large capacity washing machine) which is more than enough for the both of us hehe!

Now, we don’t even need to be worried about our clothes not drying well and smelling bad on rainy or overcast days!


Imagine how excited I was when I found out that this Steigen laundry system can be lowered effortlessly! YAY!! It not only looks pretty, it’s pretty much automated as well!

Did you also know that they have a built in function where it will automatically turn on the cool air function after 3 hours of hot air function before switching off? This definitely helps as I’m pretty absent minded and forget to turn things off sometimes when I get too busy. HAHA!

Smart phone App

We were also on the look out for smart home friendly devices! Ben was so happy to know that we can connect the Steigen laundry system via our smart phone app. Did you know that you can even turn on the drying function via the app, even when you are not home?

steigen singapore

Installation process

The whole installation process was pretty much fuss free and took only less than 1 hour! They will help to remove your old manual laundry system too! Best part of all, they kept dust from drilling to the minimal which is awesome!

steigen singapore

Oh yes, if you are wondering what is the lowest height the Steigen laundry system will go, here’s a gauge for you! I’m 160cm by the way haha! I love how I can reach and hang my clothes really easily now!

There’s also an obstacle detection sensor, so in the event that you are standing below the laundry system when it’s moving, it will stop once it meets with an obstacle. Major plus point for Ben as he is way taller than me haha!


steigen singapore

And needless to say, the price range is a major draw for us too! Especially when dealing with a tight budget for our new home, the Steigen Solar Laundry system is cheaper than a dryer! Check out the above table for the price comparison.

Electricity Consumption

Another question which we had on our mind would be:

“Will this automated laundry system incur higher electricity bills as compared to a dryer or other brands of laundry system?”

After checking around, the energy consumption for other brands of laundry racks with heater/blower are about $0.22 to $0.24/hr and a standard tumble dryer is $1.40/hr. As for the Steigen laundry system, it is only about $0.16/hr! Pretty economical in the long run! Also, we have personally tested and proven, no bill shocks on my end so far! 😀

Here’s how sleek and straightforward the remote control is! Love how easy it is to use this! I would say it’s pretty dummy proof!

steigen singapore

Other considerations

I love how we can easily reach the Steigen Singapore team via their showroom at Paya Lebar or even via their company whatsapp line.

Also, for Steigen Singapore, they have their own technician team and customer service support which makes it more reliable to get our laundry system from them! This is especially important as we plan to use our laundry system for at least 3 to 5 years or more!

Oh yes, for the Solar Steigen laundry system which we have got, it also includes 2 years warranty for parts and 5 years warranty for the motor. YAY!

Tadaaa! And with all the reasons above, it’s really hard to say no to such an aesthetically pleasing and functional laundry system!

steigen singapore
steigen singapore

Now, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a cuppa tea while waiting for our clothes to dry!

If you are a new home owner like me, I hope this short review helps you in making decisions on your home appliances buys! 😀 Laundry chores can be made much more convenient for you too! For more information, head over to their website below to find out more!


Contact: 8877 0005 (Whatsapp Available)

Email: [email protected]

Address: 140 Paya Lebar Road,#06-19 [email protected] Lebar, Singapore 409015

Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 10AM-6PM, Sat to Sun: 12PM-6PM (Closed on PHs)


Love, Chloe