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Pawbo Spring – The Smart Pet Fountain

Pawbo Spring – The Smart Pet Fountain

Ben and I were really excited when we found out about the Pawbo Spring – The Smart Pet Fountain! We have always wanted to get a smart gadget for our little one, Doori and this Pet Fountain came just in time!

Here’s a short video we made because we love this new gadget so much!

Check out how proud Doori is of his new gadget! Hehe!

Design wise, we really love how sleek the whole fountain looks! Here’s how the smart pet fountain looks like when it’s on and the water fountain is flowing

Here’s a few key features of the Pawbo Spring- The Smart Pet Fountain:

Smart Fountain

Get notified when the water level is low. The water pump shuts down automatically when the water level is too low.

Through the Pawbo Spring app, you will be able to monitor the water level and receive notifications if the water level is getting too low! Tried and tested!

Extra Clean Water 
The triple layer filter provides your pets the water without hair, smells and bacteria!

I love how fuss free the whole water fountain is and you can easily change the filter. One filter would typically last you about 4 to 6 weeks. For us, we have not changed the first filter yet hehe! And most importantly, fresh and clean water available for Doori all day round.

Record Drinking Pattern
See how much your pets drink. Get notified when your pets aren’t drinking enough water!

Another awesome feature I love would be how the app is able to show me the water consumed by Doori for the whole day. Furthermore, notifications are sent to my phone when Doori was not drinking enough water.

As most of the pet owners know, the amount of water our pet drinks are tell-tale signs of any possible health conditions they might have. So, I’m really thankful I’m able to easily monitor Doori’s drinking habits now via this app.

One Fountain For All Your Pets
Tells you about the pattern of each of your pets with iPuppyGo tag!

Oh yes, every set of the Pawbo Spring also comes with one iPuppyGo tag! It’s really cool because I got to monitor Doori’s sleeping patterns (when he fell into deep sleep, light sleep) and even his activity level. Basically, it’s the Fitbit for your pet hehe! I got to learn that Doori is a really light sleeper and I love it when I receive notifications on his mood too. It really helps me to get to know Doori better.

It’s even more useful if you have more than one pet. They will be able to detect each pet’s drinking pattern separately when they wear one iPuppyGo each. Super cool! It works for cats too!

Record the Best Moment 
Auto-record your pet’s moment of drinking that melts your heart!

This is one of the features that I really love! Whenever Doori goes near the water fountain with his iPuppyGo tag, the video recording function will start recording his moves. So far, I’ve seen really greedy and thirsty Doori slurping up his fill of water from Pawbo Spring. And it’s one of the cutest videos ever!!! I bet all pet owners will feel the same way!

Easy to Clean
Removable water tank allows you refill and clean effortlessly.

I think this comes across as one of the main considerations for pet owners – we hope to get fuss free gadgets to make life easier for ourselves. This definitely helped me a lot! I do not need to clean his water bowl every other day. Spillage of water all over the living room has also been significantly minimised unless naughty Doori decides to play and splash the water.

All I need to do would be to refill and clean this water tank! Just lift it up and I can just clean it easily.

Designed for your pets
15 degree sloping design allows your pets to drink comfortably without hurting their neck.

This is also a plus point for the smart pet fountain- Pawbo Spring as it is designed at a 15 degree sloping angle to make it easy for Doori to drink up without straining his neck like he used to do with his old water bowl.

All in all, Doori really loves the Pawbo Spring a lot and it encourages him to drink more water which is good for him! Best part of all, I get to monitor his sleeping patterns, activity levels and drinking habits easily via the app! So I highly recommend to all pet owners to check out this new smart pet fountain – Pawbo Spring! It’s a worthwhile investment for your beloved pets!

Pawbo Spring is retailing for S$428 and it comes with one iPuppyGo and two filters that would last you about eight to 12 weeks. You can get it for your pet as an early Christmas present!

Exclusive for my readers, simply click here and secure a set early to enjoy a special pre-launch price of S$385.20 and receive an additional iPuppyGo worth S$58.85 with free delivery!

Registration closes on 15 October 2018 and is limited to the first 20 sets. Stocks will be available around early October 2018.

XOXO, Chloe