Because We Venture is created by Ben & Chloe (that’s us!), a couple who plans to leave their full time jobs and en-route to fulfilling their dreams to travel the world together, sharing all our adventures with you!

Many people might think we are brave or even crazy, but it’s now or never right? 🙂

The name Because We Venture (BWV) came about as a combination of our initials B – Ben and W- Wan Ling (Chloe’s Chinese name hehe..) Venture stands for all the other adventures that we will embark along the way! Cheesy much, but it comprises of all that we wanted!

We hope that through this platform we can bring you more affordable luxury options, be it travel, beauty or lifestyle.

Meet Chloe

Hi! I’m Chloe and I’ve started my blogging journey several years back on to document my life and travels. I have proceeded to merge them in this space so please continue supporting me! ^_^

As much as most people think that I’m the girly girl all about looking pretty, I’m actually quite an adventure seeker!

Front row, single rider on rollercoasters, skydiving, swimming with whale sharks and any other adrenaline pumping thrilling activities, I’m definitely up for it!

You do not need to give up beauty while seeking your next adventure! 😉















Hi! I’m Benjamin, you can call me Ben! 🙂

I’m pretty much a successful case of an Instagram boyfriend turned into a photographer & videographer. After all the “training” that I’ve been put through, I started to love photography & creating videos! I’m also pretty much hooked onto travelling and seeking new local places to explore!

I’m not so much of an adrenaline junkie but I’m always open to challenging ideas. I love to challenge myself to take on different tasks to open new boundaries. Trying out different cuisines in the different countries are what attracts me the most! So hit me up with any unique food suggestions and I will be game on to try them!
















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Nusa Lembongan

Let’s travel together and get lost in beautiful places!