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OSIM uLove 2 (4手天王)

OSIM uLove 2 (4手天王)

Onwards to board OSIM airlines for the day! Read on and follow us on the whole experience at the launch event of OSIM uLove2!

From the waiting lounge, we got to pick our own scent to bring home (super love it!). Next, we proceed to pamper our hands with the OSIM uSqueez Hand’s hand massage complete with the hand scrub from Sabon. After which, TWG tea, Old Seng Choong Cookies and healthy Box Green snacks were served, yummy! It was the complete luxurious boarding experience! I wish every flight could be so pampering too!

We were so busy snapping and taking videos of the whole set up, in less than a while, we are ready to board and take off with OSIM airlines for the first-class experience!

Here’s a sneak peek of OSIM airlines!

My favourite part of OSIM uLove 2 has got to be its new 4 hand massage technology! It mimics the synchronized movements of two highly skilled masseuses giving you a massage on your upper & lower body concurrently – double the luxury, double the pampering and relaxation! Personally, I have never tried such a pampering massage before and this whole experience just felt so good! It has redefined my personal benchmark of quality massages. I’m so spoilt now thanks to OSIM!

Another of my favourite parts would also be how the massage chair is able to detect my neck position so accurately. I have tried numerous massage chairs previously but the OSIM uLove 2 detects it at the best and most accurate position so far! Some of my previous experiences include detecting my head as my neck and the rollers went up too high.

I also love how the strength of the massage rollers were pretty much on point! It was not too intrusive on my skin and right on point to the parts which requires the release of the tension of deeply seated knots. The 720 degree roller balls rotate 360 degree in both directions, rolling along the contours of our body, elevating the standards of full-body massage to the highest level!

And guess what, this OSIM uLove 2 also comes with an awesome 3D surround sound and wireless Bluetooth music playback. It is a really great home theatre experience!! I love how they combine the home theatre experience with the massage chair and getting the best of both worlds – acoustic bliss and synchronized massage all at the same time! It’s the best solution for multi-taskers like us especially when we always have a lack of me-time

I think it’s really important to take time out for yourselves amidst all the crazy schedules we have to deal with. It is no longer that difficult in today’s complex world to come to a point where we feel completely drained physically, mentally and emotionally.

As quoted from one of my favourite inspiring figure, always remember to take the much needed me-time for yourselves to rewire our tired brains and see opportunities in adversity. OSIM uLove 2 is the perfect massage chair addition to our homes.

From now till 30 Sep 2018, you can get the OSIM uLove 2(4手天王) at a special preview price of $5499 (UP $6699) by simply quoting “CHLOET”. It’s now available at all OSIM outlets and selected roadshows! Go try it out for yourselves, I swear it’s super good!

Find out more about the OSIM uLove 2(4手天王) here.