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Meet my new Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3

Meet my new Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3Meet the all new Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3!

It’s newly launched at Singapore stores on 17 November 2017 ^_^

This is just in time for the Christmas gifting season!

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3

Yes, I had a hard time picking between the white and the black model. In the end, my pick was the black one! Just because it looks so sleek with the rose gold trimmings!! Major love! Best part was how easy it is to click edit and print your favourite images by syncing to your gallery, Instagram or Facebook page.

The new Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3 is so sleek and speedy!

Love the square format prints and that you get to edit the images via the “Instax Share” app before printing!

Check out my mini photo wall below coupled with my favourite fairy lights. It simply makes my day just looking at my favourite travel memories with Ben.

Another best part of this photo printer was how speedy the print outs were! In less than 10 secs after clicking, my photos were printed in beautiful quality!

Tips to printing with the Instax Share SP-3:

Apply the intelligent filter & increase the contrast slightly to bring out the colours in your photo before printing ^_^

Have fun and play around with the lighting, coloration and filters or cropping option before proceeding to print them!

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3

This is the perfect Christmas gift for everyone! Get one for yourself and your loved ones and start printing your favourite memories now! <3

You can print directly from your Fujifilm cameras too! Super cool! Can’t wait to try with my XT-2!

I simply love to decorate my room’s walls with these photo prints! Makes for a pretty cute greeting card idea too! I saw how they displayed the prints in a huge frame at the Fujifilm studio during the launch and I am so inspired! Hehe! You can try it too!

Check out for more details!