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Recently, I went for a crystal stone aura reading session at Yuan Zhong Siu. And boy, it was really insightful! 

So what is Crystal Stone Aura Reading all about?

Crystal stone aura reading is a 10-15 minutes reading where you can ask anything related to your career/study, love/family relationship, wealth/investment or health.

The reading is based on energy detection. Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds us and it consists of seven layers which are believed to be connected to one another to affect our emotions, thoughts, behaviour and health. 

crystal stone aura reading

Anything to prepare or bring along for the crystal stone aura reading session?

Everything is prepared for you! 😀 You don’t need to bring anything along, no need Bazi, no need birth information.

Just go for the session with the question of your choice in mind. No prep work needed hehe!

The Crystal Stone Aura Reading session

I arrived at their Fortune Centre outlet and was guided to the room where Senior Aura Reading Specialist, Ms Apple Ang greeted me with a big smile 🙂

Step 1:

After sitting down, Ms Apple gave me a bag of crystal stones to hold. While holding it, she told me to think of the question that I would like to ask. It can be any questions that you might have related to career/study/family/love/relationship/wealth/investment/health or anything else.

For me, I had a question about my career and income. So while holding the bag of crystal stones, I kept repeating this question in my mind. “What is my career luck going to be?”

Step 2:

Once i’m ready, I told Ms. Apple the question I had in mind. After which, she asked me to use my left hand to pick out crystal stones from the bag one by one (without looking into the bag).

Inside the bag of crystal stones, there are many different types of crystal stones in it. The crystal stone that you pick and place on the aura reading mat will give Ms Apple an idea of the current challenges or state that you are in.

Step 3:

Place the crystal stones on the aura reading map according to the order which Ms Apple will point out to you. After placing all the crystal stones on the aura reading map, Ms. Apple started to explain the analysis for my question.

crystal aura reading

As you can see from the crystal stones i have picked on the aura reading map (here’s some of the analysis):

  • The dark red stones indicates the frustration and temper I have bottled inside of me. (an area I constantly have to keep in mind to improve on)
  • The light brown stone at the top on the head position indicates that I do not have a clear vision or idea of what I am working towards. (This is so true in my opinion! I feel kind of lost at the moment, not knowing which is the correct direction I should be investing my resources into).
  • The light pink stone indicates the positive marital relationship currently and she even mentioned that it’s a good time to consider trying for a baby haha!
  • The dark orange stone indicates that I have digestive issues that I should take note of.

To be honest, I am quite amazed at the accuracy of the crystal stone aura reading given that this is the first time I’ve met Ms Apple and I did not share with her anything beforehand.

According to Ms Apple, crystal stone aura reading is a good analysis for the next three months’ forecast. After I have shared with her the challenges that I am currently facing, she has also recommended several crystals accessories that will be useful for me to better achieve the goals I have set in mind.

crystal aura reading

For instance, the clear crystal Kun Lung Hong pendant in the picture above that she has recommended helps to gain clarity of mind and better direction, which I will need in order to achieve a breakthrough in my current career situation.

I also went on to browse and check out the other crystal accessories that they have in store! Another item that caught my eye is their best-selling signature Tai Yin Odyssey Pendant! It’s so pretty and comes in several sizes and designs while incorporating the balance of our individual’s five elements. Check it out below! 😀

crystal aura reading

After the reading, I feel that I can better identify areas in my life that I should take note on and get a better understanding of my own situation. To be honest, it was really nice to hear from a third person’s perspective and makes me review on what I can do to better improve myself!

How much and where can I try out this Crystal Stone Aura Reading?

crystal aura reading

If you are interested to get questions answered, you can book an appointment with them at any of Yuan Zhong Siu’s retail outlets but I recommend the Fortune Centre branch! 🙂 It’s only $10 Nett per session! Really affordable in my opinion!

For appointment booking with Apple, you can call or SMS to 6333 5013/ 9188 7191 or email to [email protected].

Do note that the sessions with Senior Aura Reading Specialist, Apple Ang are available on Monday, Thursday-Saturday from 10.30am to 7.00pm at Fortune Centre branch (190 Middle Road #01-35 Singapore 188979).

Hopefully through this session, you can also get a better understanding of your goals and how else to better work towards achieving them! 🙂