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Celevenus Aesthetics: How to combat acne!

Celevenus Aesthetics: How to combat acne!


acne with celevenus aesthetics

Hi everyone! It’s time to talk about my journey to combat acne with Celevenus Aesthetic!

Let’s face the truth.. I am unfortunately not blessed with crystal clear radiant skin like other girls, my skin is a combination skin type with oily T-Zone and occasional dry skin on my cheeks. I’m most prone to cystic acne which is seriously a pain in the ass. Firstly, it forms a huge red bump, does not go away easily and is freaking painful. If you find that the above resonates with you, read on to find out how i’m fighting them off!

Check out all these unsightly red spots on my face in the picture above! All the irritating pimples that flared up during the time of the month for me. It’s so frustrating and definitely demoralising to head out with a face filled with acne. It felt even worse especially when I was about to fly off for my holidays T_T My photos are going to look so ugly and I might not have the mood to take nice photos at all! *CRIES*

The problem with my skin is mostly with the cystic pimples that are buried under the skin. You can’t even see the pus but there’s a huge painful bump. These kind of pimples are the most irritating and evil! And they happen to be the most painful to extract! But!! Once again, don’t ever touch them or try to extract them on your own! You will cause irreversible damage to your skin and scarring is a worse problem to deal with. Always trust the experts to help!

acne with celevenus aesthetics

Thankfully, Dr Chau and his team are here to rescue my face! In the above picture, Dr Chau is using the lazer to target underneath my skin to kill the bad bacteria and remove the bad stuff from my pimples thereafter.

Pain factor: 2 out of 10 for the lazer.

The most agonising part for me has got to be extractions. But thanks to the swift actions of Dr Chau and his team, they help to cut short my misery by alot! #nopainnogain

You will be thankful they extracted all the bad stuff out from your skin! But honestly, the pain factor for extractions has got to be: 9 out of 10. Not kidding about these cystic pimples and how much I hate them.

acne with celevenus aesthetics

Here’s the aftermath of the extraction sessions. My skin is slightly flushed and abit swollen but that’s normal as it went away by the time i reached home.

acne jab-acne with celevenus aesthetics

As I had to fly off for my holiday the very next day, pimple jabs were given for the deeper bigger evil pimples to kill the bacteria and make it less swollen. Definitely a much needed help for any emergency SOS situations. So, brides-to-be or anyone with last minute events to attend, do make a mental note! There’s actually such remedies to save your skin at the very last minute too!

If you are facing similar cystic acne issues like me, don’t forget to make an appointment to check it out at Celevenus Aesthetics! Don’t suffer in silence like me and wait for it to get well on it’s own because chances are, it’s more likely to worsen 🙁

I will be back to share more on my journey to combat acne with Celevenus Aesthetics and my latest skin condition! I am currently still heading back for treatments. So happy that my dream of achieving flawless radiant skin does not seem too far fetched anymore <3

You can quote my name “CHLOE” and I’m sure they will advise what customised treatments is best suited for your skin condition 🙂



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