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2018 in review

2018 in review

2018 literally went by in a flash! So many exciting events lies ahead in 2019, namely the two huge milestones in our lives – building our new home and planning for our wedding in September! Before we get on to the new Chapter, let’s do a quick recap of what went on in 2018!

2018 was quite an exciting year that went by so quickly!

In January, we opened our first Say Chiizu Franchise at 313 Somerset followed by the Bugis + outlet a few months down the road! It’s our very first try at F&B and we had so many supportive family and friends coming down to support us! Thank you so so much! I cannot forget the days where we had to handle the crowd as a team. I had to attend the Basic Food Hygiene course and use my SkillsFuture Credits for the very first time too! :p From stuffing toasts (which i’m not very good at), to mixing the cream cheese, handling the cashier & orders, all the way to cooking the toasts on the pan. Although we were in it for a very short stint, all in all, it’s a learning experience I will never forget! (albeit an expensive lesson learnt) :p

I have also finally experienced the famous powder snow in my first trip to Hokkaido! The snowy landscapes and activities we have tried in Furano-Biei were really fun and interesting! From riding the snowmobile for the very first time, to ice fishing and also skiing down the intermediate slope for the first time! So many mini ticks off my bucket list!

In February, we explored Phuket and took lots of photos with the pastel architecture in Phuket old town. It was a month of wanderlust adventures where we travelled to HongKong and met a new friend @hungforph (love the photos he took for us) too! One thing I love most about travelling is meeting new people and learning new things along the way!

I’m also ever so thankful for all the hair makeover done by the NK Hairworks team! They truly care for our hair health, balancing hair care and hair transformation in different colours!

In March, April & May, Ben & I embarked on our longest holiday ever! Our epic 2 months trip to Korea and Japan to chase the cherry blossoms and spring flowers! Finally managed to catch Cherry Blossoms in full bloom! Spring is our favourite season ever! The weather is in the perfect air conditioned temperature, not too cold, not too hot either! Also caught up with dearest Anna & Kei in Japan hehe! Thanks to them, we enjoyed a lot more authentic local experiences in Japan yay!! Especially all the food recommendations da yums!

Honestly, 1 month is the sweet point haha.. We got quite homesick by the time it hit the 1.5 months mark. Overall, this trip is definitely a very memorable one! We realised that travelling is actually a very tiring affair. Travelling out of our suitcases for 2 months is definitely an adventure not to forget! (more on that in an upcoming blogpost).

In June, I dedicated more quality time to spend with our cutie @mylorddoori and taking time out to do what matters to us!

In July, I am so thankful for the chance to work with lots of talented people for two bridal styled shoots! And I think i have found my favourite bridal gown label! More on my wedding prep will be documented in this space too 😀

In August, we had our very first Studiopetitesg trip! Missing Audrey though! It was really fun as we changed into numerous outfits and hunted down the photo worthy spots 😀 Really enjoyed our stay at Grand Eastin Sathorn (more on this trip in my next blogpost!)

We also celebrated our baby #mylorddoori’s first birthday party at Atmosphere Bistro with our close friends! So happy Doori’s paw friends such as Husky & Toby managed to attend his party! Wishing for good health for little Doori always <3

In September, Ben and I explored Kuala Lumpur for the very first time! Lots to see, lots to do and lots to eat! We had a comfortable stay at Berjaya Kuala Lumpur for our 14th Anniversary yay! (more on this in the KL blogpost)

In October, we took our first family portrait at Studiopetitesg’s Christmas sample shoot! Together with @mylorddoori the little cutie pie! Definitely moments I will not forget! To more family portraits and beyond!

In November, charts the new beginning of #benandchloenest! We received our BTO’s keys! YAY! Let the renovation and home decoration journey begin!

In December, I have joined The Beau Dreamers as the Creative Director and co-owner! Melissa and I are so thankful for all of our friends’ support and help during our first launch event with the mini runway show we have put together! Moving into the e-commerce scene is something I have been wanting to try! To more exciting and prosperous times ahead in 2019!

Yay, you made it to the end of my lengthy 2018 in review post! Thanks for reading and supporting this space!

May 2019 be a fruitful, healthy, smooth sailing & prosperous year ahead for all of us!

XOXO, Chloe.